Soho SlimLine

Thickness on wall : Only 140 mm Total : 5U ( 2U+3U )

Estap SOHO Slimline 19’’ wall mounting cabinets provide an aesthetic, functional and economic solution for cabling installations.

Thanks to its functional structure for up to 24 users, network distribution is made easy. SOHO Slimline is for use in offices for horizontal segments where a reduced amount of U height is required. Again, aesthetics create a pleasing and professional look.

SOHO Slimline features: completely opening front door, large cable openings for multi-cable entry, fast installation, low manpower, time saving and cost reducing, 5U (2U horizantal, 3U vertical) device mounting capacity, sturdy steel construction.

Colour options : RAL 7035 light grey / RAL 9005 black

SOHO SlimLine Catalogue (PDF, 392KB)
Soho SlimLine