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Estap is a major player in the Turkish electronics enclosures industry since 1989. ESTAP A.Ş. specializes in enclosures for data communication equipment, utilising basic 19" racks, cabinets and accessories, to provide solutions for networking, servers, datacenters, outdoor applications, industrial usage and telecommunication.

In 2008, Estap was acquired by the Legrand Group.

Estap Head office and manufacturing area located in İstanbu/Sancaktepe, manufacturing with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System.

Estap utilises technological and flexible machinery to ensure a high manufacturing capacity and the highest standarts of quality. Alongside the ERP/MRP system, a statistical control process is applied for overall quality management whilst meeting the high volume production needs.

Estap owns and operates state-of-the art computer-assisted machinery and equipment and this cutting-edge technology is incorporated at every stage of production from workstation to assembly line.

Estap uses highly skilled manpower, high technological CNC machines, (punching, laser & bending etc.) robotic welding, automated electrostatic powder coating with surface treatment process; additionally applying Lean production and Kaizen manufacturing techniques during product manufacturing. Estap products and services are covered by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system. A global brand, Estap is one of the largest TSE, GOST certificate compliant cabinet manufacturers.

Estap was the first brand to meet international standards with TSE approved products in Turkey.

Dedicated to providing its customers with cost effective quality products offering the logistics, flexibility, engineering standards to ensure optimum performance, guaranteed by continuous, long-term technical support.

With over 60% of the Turkish market share and exporting products to more than 65 countries, Estap is leader in its field; ranking 825th in the Turkish Exporter List in 2012, with 70% of products being exported.

In 2015 Inform and Estap joined forces to provide a full offer for DataCom market.


Estap aims to expand and maintain leadership in this market by delivering superior value to customers, offering high product quality, a wide product range and through developing longterm partnerships with suppliers and customers as a result of market access, market knowledge and value-added capabilities. Estap endeavours to place its brand at the forefront of eople's minds and maintain our market leadership position.


"Be recognized by our customers as their best business partner"

Estap endeavours to be the best business associate for its customers and partners. Estap strives to provide top quality service and products, provide a swift, correct and quality-oriented approach for partners through dedicated customer-focused sales departments, a solution-oriented R&D department and manufacturing units with a total quality understanding, all supported by a competent back-office team.

Estap recognises that in order to maintain their market position, they rely on their customers and partners.