New Proline, Proline Plus Say hello to ProLine and ProLine+’a . New Proline, Proline Plus
The redesigned ProLine series adds
a new dimension to the concept of
wall-mounted cabinets.
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The new
UniversalLine and
In UniversalLine ve UniversalLine+
we've combined bright ideas
to make your business life easier.
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We wrote the book  
Everything you need to know about
Data Center solutions in just one catalogue.
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Outdoor solutions
Outdoor enclosures provide maximum
protection against environmental impacts
and extreme thermal conditions.
Ready for any mission.
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The 19" rack cabinet series provides
unique features for system designers,
installers and network managers.
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Ideal for hot and cold corridor
usage in Data Center applications.
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Aesthetic design and easy to use.
PROline wall mounting cabinets are
the new data station of offices.
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Estap is Gold Sponsor for
the DatacenterDynamics Conference.
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We participated as
bronze sponsor at Aspire4Sport/Qatar.
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      Conscious Environment
      We at adhere sustainable environment perspective. We commit product, service and life cycle responsibility in our activities.
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